Tips for winter living in your RV.

***NOTE*** The following is information and opinions and is no way any guarantee against problem prevention. Thanks!!

Winter Living Tips
*Insert Styrafoam in all overhead roof vents and skylights.

*Insulate windows by using quality dual sided tape and a good quality stretch film window insulation. Use a hair dryer to shrink the film to a drum like tightness and trim away any excess.

*Use 1" foam insulation on the inside of all cargo compartment
doors..trim to fit and use the same dual sided tape.

*Use heat tape on any exposed plumbing (ex sewer dump pipe) and your water inlet line as well as insulating foam tubes.

*If possible..have a large stationary propane tank brought in.

*Use your sewer hose to dump, then remove it and store it in your basement. If you leave it hooked up, you run the risk of left over matter freezing up (unless your hose is supported at a steep angle to allow all residue to run out).

*After dumping, put a few cups of non toxic antifreeze in your black and grey tanks to help prevent your exposed drain pipes from freezing.

*Close blinds/curtains at dusk to help keep heat inside.

*Place desiccant crystal moisture absorbers in several places. Also run a de-humidifier and leave a roof vent cracked an inch or so (usually the one in the bathroom) and you should not have any problems with moisture and mildew.

*Build a skirt for the RV out of 4x8' sheets of styrofoam and trim them so they fit tightly between the RV and the ground.

*Use small electric ceramic heaters in the basement and the RV..this will really reduce furnace use.

*Check out this website for more helpful winter tips..good luck
Click here for additional tips..great website.

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